Organizational Structure

Executive Council welcomes feedback from members, applicants, and members of the public. Please e-mail, phone, or write to the SCP office, and the Registrar will forward your feedback to us. See the home page for contact information.

The SCP has several Committees that are essential to its operation and to the promotion of psychology in the Province of Saskatchewan. The members of the College who are currently serving on these committees are listed below. The webpage Committees of the College contains information about the duties, terms and time commitments of the various committees. You can view the specific responsibilities of each committee below. A document that outlines the responsibilities of all committees, details of the membership structure for each, length of term and time commitments is available here.

Individual members of Executive Council and the Committees are not able to give opinions or to comment on specific interpretations of the Act, Bylaws, or policies for an individual situation. If you have questions or concerns, please direct them to the College Office. They will be answered by the Ed/Registrar or forwarded to either Executive Council or to the appropriate committee.

Executive Council 2021-22

Rori Lee, M.Ed.

Glenn Pancyr, Ph.D.

Karen Litke, Ph.D.

Rebecca Wells, Ph.D.

Timothy Leis, Ph.D.

Tara Labuik, M.Ed.

Darcia Evans, M.Ed.

Deborah Parker-Loewen, Ph.D.

Public Representatives
Christel Gee

Discipline Committee


Tom Robinson, Ph.D. – Chair
Doris Schnell, M.A.
Kristin Bellows, M.Ed.
Gabriela Pitariu, Ph.D.
Public Rep: Christel Gee

Marc Sheckter, Ph.D.
Val Harding, Ph.D.
Renee Schmidt, Ph.D.
Krista Smith, M.Ed.
Kristina McAvoy, M.Ed.
Terry Levitt, Ph.D.

Nominations Committee


Leslie Young, M.Ed. – Chair
Heather Switzer, Ph.D.
Cindy Focht, M.Ed
Karen Litke, Ph.D.


Oral Examination Committee


Conor Barker, Ph.D. – Chair
Kristin Bellows, M.Ed.
Lorrie Anne Harkness, M.Ed.
Kristi Wright, Ph.D.
Sacha Lingenfelter, M.C.
Judy Wright, M.Ed.
Registrar: Carmel Kleisinger, M.A. (Exofficio)

Registration Committee


Murray Abrams, Ph.D. – Chair
Tammy Ferguson, M.Sc.
Beverley Lane, M.Ed.
Melissa Derow, M.Sc.
Cindy McFadyen, M.Ed.
Michelle Bourgault-Fagnou, Ph.D.
Public Rep: Christel Gee
Registrar: Carmel Kleisinger, M.A. (Exofficio)

U of S Senate


Tim Claypool, Ph.D.

U of R Senate

PAS designate


Professional Conduct Committee


Kevin Tunney, M.Ed. – Chair
Sheila Bellrose, M.Ed.
Bree Fiissel,  Ph.D.
Danielle Rozon, M.Ed.
Danielle DeSorcy, Ph.D.
Tara Garratt, M.A.
Terra Hootz, M.Ed.
Keira Stockdale, Ph.D.
Megan Tuttle, Ph.D.
Public Rep: TBA

Terry Nicholaichuk, Ph.D.
Shantelle Szuch, M.Sc.
Bryan Acton, Ph.D.

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