In response to opinion provided by the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists’ legal counsel, the advisories have been removed from the College website given that some are very outdated and/or provide misinformation. The College is working to ensure that only accurate information is posted to the website, and as such, we are currently creating alternate ways to keep our membership informed, such as distributing a regularly scheduled newsletter, emailing a monthly President’s Letter, and developing Interpretive Directives based on our legal interpretation of The Psychologists Act, 1997 and the regulatory bylaws, which will be posted on the website with Council approval. We understand that this is a significant change to our members. Given the limited staff employed at the College, we ask for your patience as we work very hard to ensure the accuracy of all posted documents and information. Please be advised that the above processes will take some time, as the major focus of the College must be the daily work required for professional self-regulation and meeting our mandate of protecting the public.

College Response to the Truth & Reconciliation Commission Report – Advisory




APA Guidelines for the Practice of Telepsychology:
ASPPB Guidelines for Closing Psychology Practice
SK. Disability Strategy – SK Disability Factsheet
SK. Health Libraries Assoc. “Mobile Device Use Survey Results” poster
SK. Health Libraries Assoc. “Mobile Device Use Survey Results”
College of Psychologists of BC – Policy
Canadian Psychological Association Practice Directorate Query Regarding Entry to Practice Standard
Sask Health Information Resources Program (SHIRP) sign up
Syrian Refugee Support – Memo and Information




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