Highlights of January 23, 2016 Executive Council Meeting


Location: SCP Office and via Go To Meeting – the meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m.

Chair: Glenn Pancyr (President)

Present: Rori Lee (Secretary), Michael White (Treasurer), Michelle Shaw (Member-at-Large), Dan Ash (Public Representative), Shannon Fuchs-Lacelle (Member-at-Large), Tim Claypool (President-Elect), David Butt (Public Representative), Renee Schmidt (Member-at-Large), Kathy Chisholm (Public Representative)

Regrets: Karen Litke (Past-President)


Karen Messer-Engel (Executive Director/Registrar)


  1. The meeting of Executive Council for January 23, 2016 trialed Go ToMeeting with some success. There will be continued discussion of how to use technology to the benefit of the College.
  2. Executive Council extended the PCC Investigator contract for an additional six month term to assist with investigation of complaints.
  3. Executive Council confirmed that non-practicing members may serve on College committees.
  4. A member request was received in regards to non-practicing members engaging in pro bono work. Legislatively there is no provision for this presently. The ED/Registrar will engage in discussions with the College’s lawyer, Merrilee Rasmussen to look into a possible pro bono category.
  5. Executive Council reviewed the Variance Report, Balance Sheet/Profit Loss Sheet and 2016 draft budget.
  6. Committee Membership renewals, resignations, recruitment; and Membership and Register removals were approved.

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