Highlights of September 17, 2016 Executive Council Meeting


Location: SCP Office

Chair: Tim Claypool (President)

Present: Rori Lee (Secretary), Michael White (Treasurer), Dan Ash (Public Representative), David Butt (Public Representative), Karen Litke (President-Elect), Jenny Keller (Member-at-Large), Michelle Shaw (Member-at-Large)

Regrets: Glenn Pancyr (Past-President), Kathy Chisholm (Public Representative)


Karen Messer-Engel (Executive Director/Registrar, ex-officio)


  1. Changes to Executive Council Meeting Dates Saturday, November 5, 2016 and Saturday, February 25 & 26 – Strategic Planning
  2. Executive Council approved the terms of reference for the Ad Hoc Committee on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID)
  3. Council approved for posting the Advisory – Legal Opinion Re: Medical Assistance in Dying and Psychologist Participation.
  4. Executive Council approved for posting the Advisory – Amendment to the SCP Regulatory Bylaws.
  5. Council approved the amendment of the advisory relating to supervision of the communication of diagnoses by provisional members or psychology interns/residents.
  6. Council approved Policy OP-3.12 Time Limited Licensure.



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