Highlights of December 3, 2016 Executive Council Meeting

Location: SCP Office

Present: Tim Claypool (President), Glenn Pancyr (Past President), Rori Lee (Secretary), , Michael White (Treasurer), David Butt (Public Representative), Michelle Shaw (Member-at-Large), Kathy Chisholm (Public Representative), Stacy Taylor (Member-at-Large)

Regrets: Jenny Keller (Member-at-Large), Karen Litke (President-Elect)


Karen Messer-Engel (Executive Director/Registrar, ex-officio)


  1. Planning continued for the education portion of the 2017 AGM meeting.
  2. Council approved the Time Limited License Fee Bylaw. The bylaw will be submitted to the Ministry of Justice for approval.
  3. Council approved Operating Policy 2.5 Oral Examination Interview Candidate List Assignment.
  4. Council approved Operating Policy 2.6 Refusal of Oral Examination Interview.
  5. Council approved the Professional Conduct Committee’s request to hire an additional investigator when there is a conflict of interest and/or an overload of work for the contracted investigator.
  6. Council reviewed the draft 2017 budget.

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