Highlights of January 14, 2017 Executive Council Meeting


Location: Via Zoom Meeting (electronic)

Present: Tim Claypool (President), Glenn Pancyr (Past President), Rori Lee (Secretary), Michael White (Treasurer), David Butt (Public Representative), Michelle Shaw (Member-at-Large), Stacy Taylor (Member-at-Large), Dan Ash (Public Representative), Jenny Keller (Member-at-Large), Karen Litke (President-Elect)

Regrets: Kathy Chisholm (Public Representative)


Karen Messer-Engel (Executive Director/Registrar, ex-officio)


  1. A survey will go out to the members in preparation for the strategic planning sessions scheduled for February. Other stakeholders will also receive a survey.
  2. Executive Council reviewed and approved the revisions of Operating Policy 5.1 Posting of Discipline Decisions and Appeals of those Decisions, Operating Policy 5.2 Professional Conduct Committee Decisions, Operating Policy 3.5, Operating Policy 3.2 Accommodations During the Provisional Period, and Policy 3.15 Supervision of Licensure.
  3. Executive Council approved the posting to the website fo the College of a summary of the judicial review dated january 11, 2017 pertaining to Ms. Brenda Risseeuw (McCarty) and the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists along with a link to the actual decision pursuant to legal advice.
  4. Planning continues for the Annual General Meeting May 6, 2017 to be held at the Saskatoon Inn, Saskatoon.

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