Highlights of December 5, 2015

 Highlights of December 5, 2015 Executive Council Meeting


Location: SCP Office – the meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m.

Chair: Glenn Pancyr (President)

Present: Rori Lee (Secretary), Michael White (Treasurer), Michelle Shaw (Member-at-Large), Dan Ash (Public Representative), Karen Litke (Past-President), Shannon Fuchs-Lacelle (Member-at-Large), Tim Claypool (President-Elect), David Butt (Public Representative)

Regrets: Renee Schmidt (Member-at-Large), Kathy Chisholm (Public Representative)


Karen Messer-Engel (Executive Director/Registrar)


  1. Review and revision of Regulatory Bylaw 11(6) occurred in light of concerns regarding to Provisional practice members practicing in physical isolation from others.
  2. Executive Council Motion approved a revision of the revised Supervision Agreement
  3. Two discipline decisions were approved for posting to the website.
  4. An advisory entitled “Supervision of Provisional Members FAQs” was reviewed by Executive Council and approved for posting to the website.
  5. Examples of how to advertise one’s qualification was reviewed and was approved for posting to the website.
  6. The College was informed by ASPPB (test owner) of a breach into the test vendor system for the EPPP. The breach is being investigated by the authorities in the USA. Information as to this incident is available on the ASPPB website and a link will be posted to the College site.
  7. ASPPB will be conducting a practice analysis in 2016 to ensure that the EPPP continues to measure the core knowledge of the profession needed for independent practice as well as to evaluate the practice skills necessary for entry into independent practice. The data collected in regard to practice skills will be used to inform the ASPPB Board in their consideration of establishing a skills evaluation component of the EPPP. The ED / Registrar serves on the Practice Analysis Advisory Committee. The goal of the analysis will be to poll all psychologists in North America.


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