This list of FAQs will continue to grow as our Registrar collects the most frequently asked questions.

Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology

How do I apply to write the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP)?

One may apply at any time to write the EPPP after having been granted a provisional-practice licence by the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Contact the SCP Registrar with your request to write the EPPP.
  2. You will be sent a letter, which contains the necessary instructions to apply.

What are the fees to write the EPPP?

The current application fee is $600.00 US for applicants from Canadian jurisdictions. The application fee is subject to change.

Does the College have study materials available for applicants?

No. Applicants are responsible for purchasing all preparation materials.

When is the next EPPP administration scheduled?

Exam administration has been computerized. There is a centre at which you may take the exam in Saskatoon. You may contact this centre and make an appointment to take the examination only after you have been approved to write the exam and have received the necessary documentation from Professional Examination Services (see Q. 1) You must write the exam within 60 days of having received approval to do so from Professional Examination Services.