Discipline Committee



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DARBELLAY Decision, Oct 2017


ARBUTHNOTT Decision, Apr 2016


JACKSON Decision, Feb 2016


GRAYSTON Decision, Dec 2015


DELORME Decision, Oct 2015

MORHART Decision, Sep 2015
Morhart Amended Order, Nov 2015

McDONALD Decision, Jun 2015
KEMPTON-DOANE Decision, Jul 2014

NANSON Decision, Oct 2012
Nanson Sentencing Decision

LANDRY Decision, Dec 2010


NANSON Decision, Apr 2010
Nanson Appeal to EC Decision (Aug 2011)
Nanson Appeal to Court Decision (May 2013)


Discipline Committee Rules for Discipline Hearings


Publication of Discipline Decisions

The College has a mandate to publish the decisions of formal disciplinary actions

  • on the basis of legislation (i.e., Regulatory Bylaw 6(4)),
  • in the interest of the protection of the public, and
  • to ensure the integrity of the profession of psychology.

A decision of the Discipline Committee contained the recommendation that “its decision be placed on the College website as a means by which to educate both members of the College and members of the public about the standards of behaviour and competence expected of members.”

This recommendation has been reviewed and supported by the legal counsel for the College. The reply stated:

“Members must know the standards of behaviour that are expected of them and those standards are demarcated each time a discipline decision is made. It is also important for members of the public who might wish to avail themselves of the services of members to be able to find out information concerning competence and conduct” (June 20, 2005 letter by Merrilee Rasmussen, Q.C.).

It should be noted that the results of disciplinary actions are filed with the registry of the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB) and will be released to other licensing boards or regulatory colleges upon request if the particular psychologist applies for admission to another jurisdiction.